Ella’s Kitchen
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Ella’s Kitchen

Posted on Wednesday, July 24th, 2013 at 8:00 am
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Ella’s Kitchen was created by a father who strongly believes that children should have the opportunity to eat better, and also discover that healthy food can be fun and tasty too. The creator of Ella’s Kitchen thinks it is important to always approach things from a child’s point of view. They chose to take simple and natural ingredients to create delicious and nutritious baby foods. Not only does the colorful packaging connect with the children, but they made sure that the flavors, textures, colors, and names of the products appeal to their senses as well. The bright, colorful, and squeezy packs that babies love to grab and squish makes eating healthy fun. The 100% USDA organic baby products are handy for moms, dads, and great for the little ones. There are no preservatives or thickeners added. The company features Ella’s 1, Ella’s 2, and Ella’s 3. Each line caters to the different ages and what foods should be consumed when. They also feature a Special Diet line for children with food allergies including gluten-free and lactose-free. They have a strictly vegetarian line as well. All of Ella’s products are free from soy and peanuts. The packaging is fun and eco-friendly. All of the pouches are recyclable. Ella’s kitchen takes pride in giving back to the community and schools. They support farm tours across the United States. The company feels that it is important for children to learn where food comes from, and really explore their senses outside on a farm. Ella’s Kitchen is a company dedicated to be environmentally and socially responsible, making sure to be a role model for all children. Prices of the products vary, however most are under $15. Visit their official website for more information or search for their baby foods in a store near you.

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