Eco-Friendly Ways to Wrap Gifts
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Eco-Friendly Ways to Wrap Gifts

Posted on Thursday, June 27th, 2013 at 10:10 am
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Brown paper package tied up with stringsFinding innovative ways to reuse many items laying around the house for gift wrap is an opportunity to give someone not only a unique and aesthetically pleasing gift, but one that gives back to the world too.

The most common and easy eco-friendly materials to wrap a gift include reusable grocery bags, magazines, old calendars, paper lunch sack bags, and newspapers. If you are using paper to wrap gifts it is habit to grab tape to secure the wrapping. Don’t! Recycling centers only take tape free paper. Instead of using tape, make sure to wrap very tightly and crease each of the folds. Raffia, twine, yarn, and strips of fabric can be used to secure the package. If you tie the eco-friendly ribbon-like material in both directions, and your wrap is very tight, you won’t need any tape at all!

You can get creative when wrapping graduation gifts. A mom or dad of a graduate can dig through their child’s artwork from years ago and wrap their gifts with them. What better way to show your son or daughter that you appreciated their artistic masterpieces long ago, so much so that you have held onto them for years! Graduation gift givers can use various outdated and colorful maps to wrap gifts following a common graduation theme, “Oh the places you’ll go!” Don’t forget to use eco-friendly materials to secure the graduation packages as well.

Weddings are always classy. You wouldn’t want your gift to be eco-friendly, but look cheesy on the present table. There are many environmentally friendly and elegant ways to wrap a wedding gift. Wrapping gifts in sheet music and wall paper samples is very chic and will make your gift stand out the right way. Using cotton floral print fabric is an excellent option for avoiding paper waste and personalizing a wedding gift. Attaching organic or natural sprigs or flowers from the back yard to the gifts can add a lovely touch.

Sometimes you can make wrapping part of the gift! Types of containers make great no-wrapping needed packages. A watering can or bucket filled with gardening supplies is great example of a gift where no wrapping is needed. Instead of turning to the quick and easy option of gift bags, why not make baskets your easy gift-wrap method of choice. After the gift-giving is over, the recipient can use it in their home, or take it to farmer’s market. If you have a gift that is small enough, you can use a simple jar. Decorating the jar with fabric or recycled paper makes each gift one of a kind. The reusable jar comes in handy when giving natural or organic homemade treats.

By using some of these ideas and wrapping gifts in an eco-friendly fashion, it will give your friends and family the opportunity to applaud your creativity, and may even inspire them to go green!

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