Eco-Friendly Rainy Day Activities
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Eco-Friendly Rainy Day Activities

Posted on Friday, January 3rd, 2014 at 4:16 pm
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Check out some frugal, eco-friendly, easy ways to keep you and the kids entertained on a stormy day!Is the cold, wet weather forcing your family to stay indoors? There are plenty of fun, frugal activities you and your family can enjoy to battle cabin fever. Most can be enjoyed using every day finds in your home! Check out some of our favorite ideas:

Frugal Indoor Activities for Rainy Days

Play Dress Up

Get your kids involved in a game of dress up. They can use costumes or clothing they already own to create fun, wacky outfits. You can also trick them into trying on clothes from the summer or winter before. Dig out those seasonal clothes and have your kids play with those. If they’re too small, you know it’s time to donate.


There are plenty of eco-friendly crafts your kids can enjoy around the house. Cardboard is a great tool for making necklaces, playhouses and more! Dig out some non-toxic paints or markers and let your kids go to town. If you’re making necklaces, simply cut out some smaller shapes. Be sure there is a small hole in the middle. Encourage your kids to decorate the pieces and slide them onto a piece of string. This is also a great lesson in recycling!

Make Eco-Friendly PlayDough

The Organic Deals blog has a great tutorial for making your very own PlayDough at home. It even uses eco-friendly ingredients and dyes! Give it a whirl and watch as your little ones create fun, colorful models and shapes!


Get your kids cooking in the kitchen as you all whip up your favorite cookies, cakes, or dinner recipes. Baking and cooking not only offers a great way to pass some time, but it also allows you to teach your children useful skills they’ll use later in life!

Play a Board Game or Catch Up On Some Reading!

Encourage your older children to pass the time with a book. Maybe you can introduce them to a book you enjoyed as a child.

If you can’t convince your kids to read for a long period of time, dig out those old board games and have a family game night. You can create competitions to keep everyone entertained for hours. Are a lot of your games missing pieces? Try creating a new game as a family using some of the leftover pieces from your board game collection!

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