Eco-Friendly Easter Crafts
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Eco-Friendly Easter Crafts

Posted on Friday, March 29th, 2013 at 2:58 pm
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Easter fun and joyWith Easter this weekend, you may be stressing over getting everything ready for your traditional Easter dinner. On top of preparing all of the food, you have to find ways to decorate the table and keep your kids entertained. Luckily, we’ve got some great ideas for frugal, eco-friendly crafts you can make to keep your little ones busy and your house ready for holiday guests!

Paint Wooden Eggs

Wooden eggs are something you can easily find at your local craft store. They offer a blank canvas just waiting to be decorated! Buy some non-toxic paints and have fun painting the wooden eggs! The best thing is that your creative treasures will last for years to come. If you want to re-paint them next year, paint over your design with a solid color and voila! You have a new blank canvas!

Decorate a Potted Plant

Nothing symbolizes the spirit of spring quite like a potted plant. This Easter, give your child a blank plant pot and have them decorate it with non-toxic paints. They can make it look like a giant rabbit or paint beautiful stripes and dots much like an Easter egg. As the plant grows in the pot, you and your little ones will get to enjoy their designs all year.

Cardboard Tube Bunnies

Crafts by Amanda has a great tutorial on creating adorable bunnies out of cardboard tubes from toilet paper, paper towels or wrapping paper. In addition to the tubes, all you need is some non-toxic paint, glue, scissors, and various crafting odds and ends to create your very own bunny. You can use googly eyes, small pompoms, felt triangles and more to give your bunnies a friendly expression!

Instead of paint, you can also wrap construction paper around the tubes for color. Tape a piece of paper to the bottom and you now have a cute candy holder!

Scrap Fabric Decorations

If you’re a sewer like me, chances are you have tons of fabric lying around. If you have random scraps or fat quarters, use them to make stuffed rabbits, chicks, or eggs. You can sew different patterns together to create a patchwork egg. This is also a great way to teach any interested youngsters about the basics of sewing.

Keep Egg Dying All-Natural!

If you still need to decorate some eggs, check out our blog on natural egg dyes and avoid all of the chemicals and artificial colors in commercial egg dyes!

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