Earth Friendly and Natural Drink Ideas for the Holidays
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Earth Friendly and Natural Drink Ideas for the Holidays

Posted on Tuesday, November 20th, 2012 at 8:00 am
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While it’s no doubt that your meal will be the focal point for your holiday dinner, you may be looking for the perfect complimentary drink for your guests. If you’re committed to serving an all-natural meal, why serve an unnatural drink? Below are some suggestions you can enjoy this holiday season:

All-Natural Sodas – Packed with so many artificial colors, flavors, and sweeteners, traditional sodas are an enemy of all-natural enthusiasts. If you’re looking for an indulgence or a sweet, bubbly drink this season, why not try an all-natural soda? Reed’s offers root beers, colas, and more made with traditional cane sugar. Furthermore, Zevia offers a collection of delicious sodas made with stevia, which is an all-natural, zero calorie sweetener.

Fair Trade Coffee and Wine – Fair Trade refers to products that adhere to standards set forth by several Fair Trade Organizations. Fair Trade products come from farms where employees are paid a fair wage. Fair Trade farms also partake in environmental farming practices to produce the best possible product in a responsible way. Why not try serving your guests fair trade coffee and wines this holiday season?

Fruit Drinks – Many juices, fruit punches, and sparkling fruit beverages are packed with artificial juices, sweeteners, and more. Try indulging in an all-natural juice from companies like Naked or Odwalla. You can also combine your favorite fruit juice with sparkling mineral water or club soda for a bubbly treat.

Organic Alcohol – With organic and natural foods gaining in popularity, consumers can now find an increasing number of organic beer, wine, and spirits. There are also all-natural mixers from companies like QTonic for your favorite cocktails. While drinking organic alcohol is better for the environment, it isn’t automatically better for you. Like traditional alcohols, enjoy in moderation!

Water – Drinking water instead of sugary drinks is a no-brainer, but you might not want to serve guests plain, old-fashioned water. Try adding some fresh fruit to water for a hint of flavor. In a glass pitcher or dispenser, the water will look nice with some cranberries, lemon, mint, or cucumbers floating around.

Of course, we understand that the drinks listed above may not be the healthiest option, but it’s the holidays right? What better time to indulge than now? Why not round out your holiday meal with an all-natural drink. Your dinner guests might just fall in love with it!

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