DeBoles Organic Pasta
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DeBoles Organic Pasta

Posted on Thursday, August 15th, 2013 at 8:00 am
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Deboles offers premium organic handmade pastas made with Jerusalem artichoke flour. In the 1930s, Anthony DeBole began experimenting with Jerusalem Artichokes, a 100% starch free vegetable. He found that when converted into flour, he could add it to many bakery products. His company started small, and continued to grow. In the 1990s DeBoles expanded its product line to include USDA certified organic pasta and rice pasta. According to the product site, DeBoles pastas have a rich source of protein and dietary fiber compared to traditional pasta. The Jerusalem artichoke flour in the products contains inulin, a probiotic that stimulates the growth of beneficial bacterial in the digestive tract that in turn aids digestion and lowers blood pressure and cholesterol. DeBoles Organic Pasta is said to have a nutty flavor and light smooth texture that is never sticky. DeBoles maintains its dedication to producing unique and delicious pasta products from the highest quality, all natural and organic ingredients. DeBoles offers a variety of gluten-free linguine, lasagna, penne, fettuccine, angel hair, and spaghetti noodles. Prices vary, but most are under $10 a package. Visit their official website for more information and look for DeBoles products in a variety stores near you.

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