Changing Seas
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Changing Seas

Posted on Monday, July 15th, 2013 at 8:00 am
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Changing Seas isn’t just your average seafood company. They pride themselves on their responsible and sustainable seafood. They use innovative aquaculture techniques, protect the environment, and foster the growth of wild fish. Their production method, practice, and taste all contribute to fresh seafood. Changing Seas fresh and frozen seafood comes from a clean environment where the salmon has room to swim and healthy food to eat. The company raises their seafood all natural. According to the product website no antibiotics, hormones, or pesticides are needed. Changing Seas farmers use wrasse, a fish that eats sea lice, a natural parasite common among salmon. The wrasse fish eat the sea lice off of the salmon giving the farmers no reason to feed them unnatural pesticides. Changing Seas smoked salmon is raised in pure Arctic waters. The salmon is seasoned and smoked to enhance the flavor. No toxins, antibiotics, or hormones are added to the smoked salmon. For Changing Seas it is important that all of their seafood is closely monitored for signs of mercury. Many environmental assessments and reviews are done for the quality of water and the processing facilities. The products are certified by Whole Food Market as responsibly farmed. It is Changing Seas’ mission to offer their customers with the most satisfactory natural salmon products. Product prices vary, but check for Changing Seas seafood in your local Whole Foods Market or on

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