Bolthouse Farms
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Bolthouse Farms

Posted on Friday, July 12th, 2013 at 8:00 am
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Bolthouse FarmsIn 1915, the Bolthouse family began a commercial vegetable farm based out of Michigan. By 1950, they were one of the leading suppliers of carrots to Gerber, Campbell’s, and Heinz. The family-owned company believes that people know they should make healthier food choices, but it isn’t always easy. Their mission is to make healthy food more accessible, available, and affordable. In 2000, new business lines began, including the premium all-natural beverages, the frozen carrot business and the hydroblind fiber business, which adds vegetable fiber to all Bolthouse products. In 2007, the company began manufacturing yogurt-based dressings, which is a healthy alternative for those who love creamy salad toppings. Bolthouse dressings have fewer calories, while still preserving taste. All juice and dressing bottles are 100% recyclable. Bolthouse is proud of its sustainable agriculture practices including agri-solar farms, spray safe programs, and used water and soil reclamation processes. According to the product site, in 2010 Bolthouse Farms launched an “Eat ‘Em Like Junkfood” marketing campaign bringing baby carrots into the snack food spotlight.  Bolthouse Farms has recently hit the news because Campbell Soup purchased the company, bringing the expertise of fresh produce, juices, and dressings into Cambell’s international company. Their products will still be “A Force of Nature.” Bolthouse Farms assures its valued customers the products will remain just as healthy and tasty. Prices of the products vary, though most are under $10. Visit their official website for more information or search for their products in a store near you.

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