Be Aware of Holiday Allergens
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4 Tips About Holiday Allergens That You May Not be Aware Of

Posted on Wednesday, December 17th, 2014 at 7:00 am
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The holidays can be fun.  Unfortunately, they can also make things very difficult for those with allergies.  Here is some advice on what to watch out for.The holiday season can be one that is exciting, busy, and happy. It also can be filled with allergens that you, or your loved ones, need to avoid in order to stay healthy. The trick is to avoid as many allergy triggers as possible while traveling and visiting other people’s homes. That’s not easy! Here are some tips about holiday allergens that you may not be aware of.

4 Tips About Holiday Allergens

Dusty Decorations
Plastic Christmas trees sit in storage for the majority of the year. When Christmas rolls around again, those trees can be covered with a lot of dust. Make sure to thoroughly clean them off before bringing them inside.

Boxes of Christmas ornaments, and other holiday decorations, can also gather a lot of dust. People tend to bring in the boxes without realizing how much dust is on the box itself. Plastic tubs that are airtight can keep ornaments from collecting dust. The tub itself, though, should be wiped down before it comes inside the house.

People with dust allergies may have issues when visiting other people’s homes. There’s no way to know how much dust is attached to their Christmas tree. Another problem with dust comes from being “cooped up” indoors for a long time while the weather is cold. Dust can build up and be spread around.

Allergens in Plants
Real Christmas trees can be lovely. They can also cause allergic reactions to people who have an allergy to pine or fir. A real Christmas tree can also contain mold that cannot be seen by the naked eye. The scent, pollen, and mold spread through the air.

Wreaths that are made from real pine or fir branches cause the same problems. In addition, some people are allergic to poinsettias. This allergy can be very serious. This is something to consider if you, or a loved one, will be spending time at the home of family members who have unwittingly filled the air with allergens.

Holiday Food
What’s in those Christmas cookies? Can you be absolutely certain that the allergy-free food did not get cross contaminated? When in doubt, people with food allergies have no choice other than to not eat. That’s no fun at all, especially if the person gets hungry.

One option is to bring your own allergy-friendly version of the holiday food to the party or family gathering. You can be certain about exactly what is in those cookies and that nothing else has touched them.

Bring Your Medications
People who have allergies should bring all of their medications with them to the holiday party or gathering. There is always a chance that a mistake will be made, or something unexpected will happen, that exposes you to an allergen. Follow your doctor’s instructions and take your allergy medications as prescribed.

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