Amy and Brian's Coconut Juice
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Amy and Brian’s Coconut Juice

Posted on Friday, October 12th, 2012 at 9:29 am
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Amy and Brian’s Coconut Juice is an all natural beverage.  Their juice is high in potassium and other electrolytes, and is made from the juice of young coconuts.  Amy and Brian’s uses the “water” of young, green, coconuts from the best growing regions in Thailand.  Their Coconut juice is 100% natural. It contains no preservatives, no added sugar, and is flash pasteurized.  It contains naturally occurring electrolytes such as potassium, magnesium and calcium.  Amy and Brian’s also makes mangosteen juice.  It is a tropical juice that is called the “Queen of fruits” in Asia.  Amy and Brian’s mixes their mangosteen juice with other juices to avoid the tartness.  You cannot buy Amy and Brian’s products through their website.  Instead, you need to check or your grocery store.  This means that the price could vary depending on where you purchase it at.

Some people feel that coconut water, (also called coconut juice), is more healthy than regular water.  Others feel that their isn’t really much difference.  Both can help hydration.  Each is better for you than sugary sodas, that contain all kinds of ingredients that are not natural, would be for you.  According to LiveStrong, coconut water is a good source of electrolytes, which are the minerals that help regulate the amount of water in your body.  It also provides 600 mg of potassium per 1 cup, which is more than a banana provides.  Coconut water can help your gall bladder, kidney, liver, and thyroid to be healthy.  Amy and Brian’s Coconut Juice has its headquarters in Vancouver, Washington.  Visit the Amy and Brian’s website to see a slide show of lovely photos of their coconut juice and the people who drink it.

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