All Natural Easter Décor Ideas
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All Natural Easter Décor Ideas

Posted on Wednesday, March 27th, 2013 at 8:00 am
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Easter Dinner TableThe great thing about Easter is that it signifies the beginning of spring. Thanks to the beautiful seasonal weather and colorful flowers blooming, there are tons of natural ways to decorate your house this Easter. Instead of buying paper napkins, decorations and favors, why not give a few of our natural ideas a whirl?

Organic Flowers

March brings many gorgeous blooms you can use to add pops of color to your tabletops, windowsills, entry ways and more. Tulips come in many colors and are an iconic symbol of springtime. Easter lilies are an obvious choice for the holiday and signify purity and new life. You can put snipped flowers in a vase or bowl and dress it up with ribbon. For an added bonus, buy a tulip or lily already planted in a pot. When the holiday is over, you can put the plant in your garden and enjoy it for months to come!

If you’re buying flowers from your florist, be sure to choose organic varieties, so you don’t bring a bunch of harmful pesticides and chemicals into your house.

Table Linens

Instead of buying seasonal napkins, plates, or paper tablecloths, why not spend a little extra now on some fabric linens or seasonal glass plates. With linens, you can wash and re-use next year. If you buy a neutral color like white, you’ll be able to use it over and over again. If you really want a seasonal place setting, buy an inexpensive white table cloth and decorate with non-toxic paints.

Special Easter plates can be found in department stores and more. Shop the after-Easter sales to get a real deal. This way, you’ll be set for next year!

Use Your Easter Treats

Have a bunch of naturally dyed eggs your kids just found? Put them in a bowl and use the colorful eggs as a centerpiece. You can also use your all-natural chocolate bunnies or place colorful wrapped candies in a clear vase or jar for decoration. These ideas will not only make a charming centerpiece, but you and your family will get to enjoy eating the goodies after dinner!

Consider the Outdoors

If you’re lucky enough to live in an area where the weather will be sunny and warm on Easter, consider having your festivities outside and let nature do the decorating for you. Roll out some picnic tables, lawn chairs or blankets for your guests to sit on and soak up the sun!


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