3 Healthy and Easy Kid Friendly Halloween Treats
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3 Healthy and Easy Kid Friendly Halloween Treats

Posted on Monday, October 7th, 2013 at 8:00 am
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Instead of having your diet for October consisting solely candy, we thought it might be a good idea to provide some healthy alternatives!Healthy Halloween Treats

October is one of our favorite months, but often times it can simply turn into a month-long celebration of Halloween. Don’t get us wrong, we at Freecoupons.com are totally alright with that, but an entire month of candy and unhealthy treats can do some major damage.  So instead of having your diet for the entire month of October consisting solely candy, we thought it might be a good idea to provide some healthy (and yummy!) alternatives for snacking that are easy and kid friendly.

Apple Bites

This snack is not only simple, but it’s incredibly cute too! These would make great treats for a child’s Halloween party because of their simplicity and visual appeal.


Slivered Almonds

Quarter and core your apples. Cut a wedge out of your apple pieces from the side with skin. Take your almond slivers and insert them into your apple where the wedge was removed so as to appear like teeth. If you’re feeling adventurous another ingredient that could be fun and tasty to add is peanut butter.

Snack- O’-Lantern

Navel Oranges

Medley of Fresh Fruit

For this treat your navel oranges will act like a small jack-o-lantern in which you will put your fresh fruit. First you’ll need to slice off the top of your navel orange and scoop out the fruit inside. Try not to damage the skin when hollowing out the interior, and feel free to add the scooped oranges into your fresh fruit medley. Next  you will be carving facial features into the skins of your navel oranges so they appear to be jack-o-lanterns. Now fill your navel oranges with your fresh fruit medley and top it off with the top of the orange you removed earlier.

Melon Brain

Seedless Watermelon

Take your vegetable peeler and use it to remove all of the green skin on your watermelon. Make sure not to remove the white rind because that will give your melon the color of a brain. Cut off the bottom of your melon so the it is able to stand flat. Use a toothpick to make indentations all over your melon in a pattern that makes your melon look like a brain. Now use a knife to cut deep indentations where you made your toothpick tracings. Be sure to cut deep enough so pinkness of the fruit will show.



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