10 Amazing Uses for Olive Oil
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10 Amazing Uses for Olive Oil

Posted on Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014 at 11:16 am
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olive oilWe are all familiar with olive oil. We love to cook with it and try to keep this healthy oil a part of our everyday diet. But did you know olive oil can be help you out in everyday situations too? We’ve put together a list of 10 amazing and creative uses for olive oil that we hope you’ll give a try. Who would have known this simple ingredients could help us out and save us so much money from buying other products!

  1. Use to Soften Your Lips: apply just a small amount to your lips and enjoy the smoothness and moisture that the oil will create
  2. Help Treat a Sunburn: Add a few drops of olive oil to your after-sun lotion to help retain the moisture in your skin after a sunburn.
  3. Hair Conditioner: Apply olive oil to the ends of your hair to help moisturize the split ends. Or you can add a few drops to your daily conditioner to help prevent a dry scalp.
  4. Moisturize Legs & Arms: Use a small amount of oil on your legs and arms as a moisturizer
  5. Fixes Squeaks: Apply a small amount to a squeaky door or cabinet to fix a constant squeak.
  6. Conditions Leather: Prevent leather cracking on sofas and jackets but rubbing the item with olive oil. The leather will absorb the oil making it look fresh again.
  7.  Helps Cracked Heels: Rub olive oil into rough, cracked heels and they’ll soften up in no time!
  8. Removes the Sticky: Rub a little olive oil over a sticker, sap or super glue and the stickiness will come right off.
  9. Fix a Stuck Zipper: Apply a small amount of olive oil to a stuck zipper and let is soak a bit. When you try to re-zip it, the stuck zipper should finally release.
  10. Conditions Wood: Apply a few drops of olive oil to your wood cutting boards or wood surfaces in your home to give them a new shine.

Have you found any other creative uses for olive oil?


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