Double Coupon Adventure
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Double Coupon Adventure

Posted on Wednesday, June 8th, 2011 at 6:12 am
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The area that I live in is devoid of stores that double coupons, or so I thought.  None of the large chain grocery stores double coupons, but I recently heard of a local grocery store that does.  After hearing this news I had to check it out.

Since it is a local store, the ads are pretty limited, so I really had to go into the store to see the deals.   Before going I printed out my spreadsheets that have my coupons listed alphabetically by category and headed for the store.  When I walked through the doors I started looking at price tags, which is when I really saw the potential of double coupons!  I methodically went through the store and matched up the sales to my coupons (a lengthy process). This was my first trip to this store, so I wasn’t going to buy two weeks’ worth of groceries, but I did want to use the coupons I had effectively.

Here is the breakdown of the stuff I took home:

2 Alexia all natural Fries: $3.19 each

3 Bagel Bites $3.29 each on sale for $1.99

1 propel Water $5.79 on sale for $3.29

3 Emerald Breakfast on the go $3.99 on sale for $2.99

1 Old El Paso taco shells $2.29 on sale for $1.29

4 Hillshire Farm Deli Select Lunch Meat $2.99 on sale for $2.50

1 Mission Tortillas $2.99 on sale for $1.79

1 Digiorno Pizza and Wings: $9.99 on sale for $4.99

Total before coupons and sales: $61.24

I paid: $17.45

Mt savings totaled 72%!

I only paid $0.50 each for the lunch meat and the Bagel Bites were FREE!  I did learn something the hard way: Read the coupon policy thoroughly.   This store only doubles 3 coupons for each item.  They did not double one of my lunch meat coupons, so I ended up paying $1.50 instead of $0.50

Since it is a local store the prices are a little higher than large chain grocery stores, but it is the perfect place to go when there is a great matchup! I am a big believer in going to a store that is inexpensive where you can get everything you need, but making special trips here and there for a great bargain is a smart idea too!

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