Why Prices Vary In Walmart Stores
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Why Prices Vary In Walmart Stores

Posted on Thursday, January 5th, 2012 at 12:12 pm
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Have you ever noticed that prices often vary between Walmart store locations? I’ve noticed price differences on the same products on several occasions and got to wondering what the reason behind it was.

In-Store Pricing

The fact is that each Walmart store is in charge of managing its own inventory. Thus, the store’s manager has the option to adjust prices. For example, if that particular store ended up with a surplus of a particular item, the manager may choose to lower the price in order the clear out the excess inventory. The manager may also adjust prices in order to keep their prices competitive in their local region. Therefore, the prices depend on the store’s surrounding competition. In other cases, the manager may offer a sale simply to reward their customers.

Online Pricing

If you’ve ever visited Walmart.com, you may have noticed that while the online price of the item is stated, the in-store price “may vary.” This is because the in-store prices are subject to managerial discretion and therefore are not reflected by the online price. Furthermore, Walmart stores do not price match their online prices (or prices of other online stores). Walmart does, however offer to match prices of competing retail stores.

Walmart offers great deals for people looking to save money. For more information on Walmart’s in-store prices and pricing policy, contact the manager of your local Walmart or visit Walmart’s online pricing policy here. Happy savings!

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