Where to Find Grocery Totes for Under .00
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Where to Find Grocery Totes for Under $10.00

Posted on Friday, April 12th, 2013 at 7:00 am
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Use a Reusable Bag to Save Money and the Environment!It has been said that plastic grocery bags are not good for the environment. This is why many places have instituted a plastic bag ban. Earth Day is celebrated in April, and that means this is a good month to go “green” by using canvas and cloth reusable totes for your groceries. Here are some places that you can pick up grocery totes for under $10.00. Being “green” doesn’t have to be expensive!

Target has a set of 2 Red Reusable Tote Bags for just $4.79. Their website says that they only sell them like this online. The bags are bright red with a white Target logo on the front. Obviously, they will work just fine no matter what grocery store you decide to use them in.

Fresh & Easy has a coupon for a free Reusable Bag, when you spend $20.00 or more in the Fresh & Easy store. The bags are white with the Fresh & Easy logo on the front. The coupon is valid through April 16, 2012. You might want to hurry, because this offer is good “while supplies last”. You can’t get less expensive than free!

Barnes & Noble has a black tote with an image of one of the Harry Potter book covers on the front. Who said grocery totes had to be boring? The bag has a removable bottom insert which makes it great for groceries or larger items. It’s 100% cotton. The tote is just $9.99 right now.

Powell’s has the Powell’s Reusable Tote Bag for just $0.99. The bag is blue, and the Powell’s logo is on the front in bright red print. Leave it to Powell’s to describe their tote creatively.

Your pets ignore you. You find it difficult to relate to others. You can’t stop thinking about your eight-grade crush. We’re not going to pretend we can help with everything that weighs you down. But we can provide you with a reusable tote for any items you’re carrying around. Kiss those flimsy plastic bags goodbye!

Kmart has a Canvas Large Tote Bag that is tan and simplistic. It will do what it is supposed to, is tan colored, made of canvas, and without any decorations or logos on it. The online price is only $7.99. No one will have the slightest idea where you got this nondescript reusable grocery tote from.

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