Where to Find Free Easter Coloring Sheets
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Where to Find Free Easter Coloring Sheets

Posted on Monday, March 16th, 2015 at 7:00 am
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crayonsIt is too early to start coloring Easter eggs (even if your kids are excited to do it). In the meantime, you could give your children a fun activity that will let them do some coloring. There are plenty of free, printable, Easter coloring pages online. Kids can color the Easter designs right now.

There are a number of ways to celebrate Easter. Some families choose to celebrate in ways that adhere closely to their religious beliefs. Other families choose to enjoy the secular aspects of Easter. There are also plenty of families who do both. There are free, printable, coloring pages that will fit with how your family likes to celebrate Easter.

Crayola.com, a big name in children’s art supplies, has a ton of coloring pages that can be printed out for free. They have a selection that goes along with many holidays, and several that are just for fun.

Easter Basket shows a large, woven, Easter basket that is filled with decorated eggs, baby chickens, and a candy Easter bunny. The spaces to color in on this page are small, and might be best for older children.

Easter Eggs is filled with a close up view of several decorated Easter eggs. This one would be interesting for kids of all ages.

Do your children watch cartoons on Nick Jr.? The website has several Easter themed coloring pages that include characters from some of the Nick Jr. cartoons.

Bubble Guppies Easter Coloring Page shows two Bubble Guppies characters who are under water. A huge Easter egg, with large stripes, sits in between them.

Max & Ruby Easter Egg Coloring Page has a drawing of Max and Ruby. She is holding a basket of Easter eggs, and wearing an Easter hat.

Looking for some religious Easter coloring pages? Here’s a few to start with:

Easter Cross comes from Crayola.com. It shows a large cross with a cloth draped across it. There are Easter lilies below the cross.

Easter Lilies also comes from Crayola.com. It shows a bouquet of Easter lilies. A sun rises in the background.

He Is Risen comes from the Ministry-To-Children website. It shows a drawing of Jesus under a banner that says “He is Risen”. There are several flowers decorating this page.

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