What to Buy Organic: The Dirtiest Produce of 2011
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What to Buy Organic: The Dirtiest and Cleanest Produce of 2011

Posted on Wednesday, July 27th, 2011 at 12:16 pm
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Buying organic produce costs more money upfront. However, if you know which produce to buy organic and which is safe to buy non-organic, you can avoid spending money unnecessarily. As always, don’t forget to search for organic produce coupons. Without further ado, here is the Environmental Working Group’s “Dirty Dozen” of 2011, the 12 fruits and vegetables with the highest pesticide residue remaining by the time they reach your plate.

The “Dirty Dozen”: Produce to Buy Organic

  1. Apples
  2. Celery
  3. Strawberries
  4. Peaches
  5. Spinach
  6. Imported nectarines
  7. Imported grapes
  8. Sweet bell peppers
  9. Potatoes
  10. Domestic blueberries
  11. Lettuce
  12. Kale and collared greens


The “Clean 15”: Produce to Buy Non-Organic

On the other hand, there are the “Clean 15,” produce items that are a-okay to save money on by buying non-organic. These are:

  1. Onions
  2. Sweet corn
  3. Pineapples
  4. Avocado
  5. Asparagus
  6. Sweet peas
  7. Mangoes
  8. Eggplant
  9. Domestic cantaloupe
  10. Kiwi
  11. Cabbage
  12. Watermelon
  13. Sweet potatoes
  14. Grapefruit
  15. Mushrooms


Buying organic produce is always better for the environment and the people working and living in close proximity to the crops, however buying all organic produce just isn’t practical for everyone’s grocery budget. Being aware of the “Dirty Dozen” and the “Clean 15” can help you budget and invest in your long-term well-being.



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