What to Buy in October
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What to Buy in October

Posted on Monday, October 3rd, 2016 at 7:00 am
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There are things that you can buy in October for less money than at any other time of the year.October comes after the back to school shopping is over and before the biggest Black Friday sales appear. Don’t forget that there are some things that are easier to buy in October than at any other time of the year. Here are some tips about what to buy in October.

5 Things to Buy in October

Pumpkin Flavored Everything
October is the month where coffee shops sell pumpkin spiced coffee, pumpkin spiced tea, and pastries that contain pumpkin (or pumpkin seeds). This year, you can buy Pumpkin Spice Cheerios, Pumpkin Spice Frosted Mini-Wheats, and Pumpkin Spice Quaker Instant Oatmeal. Now is the time to learn how to prepare and roast a pumpkin.

These special treats are seasonal. If you love them, now is the time to indulge. You probably won’t be able to get them as easily in November as you can now.

Jeans and Clearance Clothing
October is a great month to buy jeans. Clothing stores stock up on jeans right before the back to school sales start. By October, they are ready to get rid of whatever jeans are leftover. (They need that space for the Christmas stock that is already piling up in their stock rooms). You might find jeans at a lower price now than what they were selling for in August.

In addition, there will be clearance sales on clothing happening in October. Stores want to get rid of their fall clothing line now (to make room for the winter clothing line). Some stores might have summer clothing leftover. Be sure the check the clearance racks. You may find some great deals!

Do you need to buy holiday gifts for the children in your family? October is a good month to start shopping for toys. There might be sales on the toys that are related to the summer blockbuster movies. The store you want to shop at may offer coupons for those toys. Or, they might offer a discount through the store’s app. It can’t hurt to take a look at what deals they are offering on toys.

Gardening Supplies
In many parts of the United States, the weather is getting to cold for gardening. Plants don’t grow very well in the winter weather that is just around the corner. You can buy some nice gardening supplies in October for less money than they were selling for in April. Plan ahead for next year by purchasing replacements for gardening tools that wore out in the springtime.

Halloween Costumes
The closer we get to Halloween, the more the Halloween costumes drop in price. Plan ahead for next year and purchase a new Halloween costume now. You can save money by waiting until the last minute to buy the makeup and accessories that go with this year’s Halloween costume. For the best deals, try the pop-up Halloween stores that need to move out by the end of October.

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