What to buy in May
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What to Buy in May

Posted on Friday, May 3rd, 2013 at 7:00 am
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Refrigerator 3There are certain products that go on sale during a particular month. Pay attention to when that happens, and you will save yourself quite a bit of money. The trick is to know when to buy the items that you want (or need to replace). Here is a quick list of things to buy in May.

Party Supplies
May is a great month for buying party supplies. At the end of May, and the beginning of June, there will be graduation parties to plan. May is the start of the party season. Coming up soon is Mother’s Day, followed by Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Father’s Day. How many members of your family have a birthday during the summer? Is there someone you know who needs a wedding or baby shower soon? Pick up the party supplies now before the stores run out of what you need.

Patio Furniture
The weather is starting to get nice, and people will be considering spending time on their patios again. Stores tend to have some of last year’s models and designs still in stock. They need to move them out in order to make room for the new ones. May is the time to shop for patio furniture because you will find a good discount on the slightly older styles.

Mattresses and Box Springs
Those of you who recall that the “white sales” on bedding, sheets, and towels happens in January. So, why wait until May to buy a new mattress and/or box spring? The answer is simple. New mattresses come out in the summer. This means retailers need to move out the stock that is still in the store from last summer. Go now, and you can get a great deal on what you need.

Why are refrigerators on sale in May? One reason has to do with Spring Cleaning. As people power clean, reorganize, and take a close look at their kitchens, many decide that their current refrigerator needs to be replaced.

This just so happens to match up nicely with when the new models of refrigerators are about to hit the stores. Once again, stores need to move out last year’s stock to make room for the new ones. Buy a refrigerator in May, and choose from last year’s models. You can get a nice discount! Another way to save on a refrigerator is if your relative has decided to replace theirs. See if they would be willing pass the old one over to you. It can’t hurt to ask what their plans are for their old refrigerator.

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