What to Buy in May
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What to Buy in May

Posted on Monday, May 4th, 2015 at 7:00 am
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What to Buy in May | FreeCoupons.comEach month comes with its own annual sales. There will also be special deals that pop up randomly. Savvy shoppers take note of when things tend to go on sale. They make their purchases at the right time and get the best deals! Here is a quick look at some of the things you should buy in May.

Star Wars Items
“May the Fourth” is the best time to buy action figures, apparel, movies, and other items that have something to do with the Star Wars franchise. Why? It is because when you say “May the Fourth” out loud it sounds a lot like “May the Force”, as in “May the Force be with you.”

The best deals might be offered online by stores that sell t-shirts, movie related items, toys, video games, or other things that geeks tend to enjoy. ThinkGeek is a good place to start shopping.

New Mattresses
Spring is the best time to buy a brand new mattress. Sales on mattresses tend to appear during Memorial Day weekend. Other sales may pop up earlier than that.

Deal News suggests that you shouldn’t settle for anything less than a 50% off discount on a new mattress. They also recommend that you price shop by checking the sales prices at stores that only sell mattresses and comparing that to the prices at department stores like Sears or JC Penny’s.

Party Items
There are a lot of holidays to celebrate that are coming up soon. Mother’s Day and Memorial Day are ones that nearly everyone is going to be aware of. Some schools could hold their graduations in May, while many others will have theirs in June. Father’s Day falls in the middle of June.

Will you be holding a party at your home? Now is a good time to stock up on inexpensive party items like paper plates, plastic cups, napkins, plastic silverware, and decorations. Try a Dollar Store first. Check to see what’s in Target’s dollar bins. Wait too long, and you will end up paying a higher price for the same items (as the holiday gets closer).

New Refrigerator
Manufactures roll out their new models of refrigerators during the summer. Stores that sell refrigerators need to move out their stock of the current models of refrigerators in order to make room for the new ones that will soon arrive. Do some price checking, and you could end up with a great deal on a brand new refrigerator.

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