What to Buy at the After Halloween Sales

What to Buy at the After Halloween Sales

Posted on Monday, October 23rd, 2017 at 7:00 am
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halloween-candy-in-bowl-590The after Halloween sales might begin as early as the day before Halloween and may continue until the Halloween items run out. It is possible to save some money by making smart purchases during the Halloween sales. Here are some suggestions on what to buy – and what to avoid.

Halloween Candy
Most stores will put all of their leftover Halloween candy on sale right away. It’s hard to say exactly what kinds of candy will be included in the sale. You may find something you like. Go ahead and buy a bag or two of the individually wrapped candies that people were giving out to trick-or-treaters.

Don’t go overboard and buy bulk quantities of it. The best approach is to only buy what you honestly believe you, and your family will eat in a reasonable amount of time.

Costumes and Accessories
The pop-up Halloween store near you is probably going to start its Halloween sales early. This trend is especially true for Halloween stores that temporarily rented space in a vacant store. They need to get rid of their stock before their lease runs out.

If the sale starts before Halloween, you might be able to pick up a costume at a discount of the original price. Now is a good time to buy a costume for next Halloween. Accessories such as masks, capes, tiaras, hats, and jewelry are also good purchases.

Don’t buy Halloween makeup unless you plan on using it right away. If next year’s costume requires a lot of makeup – wait until next year to buy it. Cosmetics that sit around tend to separate, or crumble, or otherwise become unusable.

Fall Decorations
Some of the decorations that are on the shelves for Halloween can easily be used as decorations for Thanksgiving. Plastic pumpkins (that look realistic) can be used as decoration for both holidays. The same can be said for plastic leaves, candles that are in fall colors or scents, or paper plates and napkins with fall artwork on them.

Buy those items during the Halloween sale and use them for Thanksgiving decorations. Store the items away and use them again next year for both holidays.

Avoid buying glow lights or glow bracelets unless you plan to use them up right away. The glowing items that are on sale are likely to work as expected. It is not very likely that they will be just as good after being stored away for a year.

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