What to Buy at Garage Sales
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What to Buy at Garage Sales

Posted on Tuesday, April 16th, 2013 at 7:00 am
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garage saleThe garage sales have already started popping up where I live. It can be very tempting to go check them out to see what they have and how good a deal you can get on it. The trick is to buy the right things, so you don’t end up wasting money. Not everything is a good deal (even if it is at a low price). Here are some things that you should buy at garage sales.

Look for children’s books that are in good condition. Skip the ones that have pages missing or that have been used as a coloring book. Check to see if the book is appropriate for your child’s age and/or reading level before you buy it.

Hardcover books for adults (and teens) are going to be extremely inexpensive at garage sales. Check for mold damage before you buy. If it smells like a musty basement, don’t buy it. You might find anything from former best sellers to books that are out of print at a garage sale.

Children’s Clothing
Before you visit the garage sale, make sure you are certain of what sizes of clothing your kids currently wear. Look for clothing that still has a store tag on it – it indicates that you found a brand new piece of clothing that has not been worn. Find the clothes that look durable. Don’t buy the ones that have holes or stains. Check the knees and “seat” on jeans to see if they will last.

When in doubt, bring your child to the garage sales with you. This gives you the chance to hold a piece of clothing up to your child so that you can judge if it will fit him or her.

The trend right now is to switch from physical CDs to digital music that can be stored on your computer or an external drive. Those who still prefer to have music that they can hold in their hands will find plenty of CDs to choose from at garage sales (at a low price). Open the CD case to make sure that the right CD is inside before you buy it.

Photo Frames
The same photo frames that cost $12.00 (or more) in the retail stores will be priced much more frugally at a garage sale. Check to see if the frame has all the pieces and that it is not broken. Before you buy it, think about what photos you are intending to put into it. Will they fit? If not, then don’t buy the frame.

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