What is the Black Friday Ticket System?
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What is the Black Friday Ticket System?

Posted on Tuesday, October 26th, 2010 at 9:20 am
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Relax and Get Your Shopping Done Early

Relax and Get Your Shopping Done Early

Wondering how to shop on Black Friday to get the best Black Friday deals? I’m sharing all of my Black Friday tips and tricks to keep you on track for your holiday shopping this year.

One thing that more and more retailers will be doing this year is the Black Friday ticket system. This system is put in place at stores to make shopping more fair and to prevent fights and riots in the store for the best deals. It also helps the store space out its customers a bit.

Basically what happens is that employees of the store will hand out tickets that entitle customers to purchase the hottest deals, the most sort after products. For example, last year, one of the major electronics retail stores was offering a laptop for under $200. The number of tickets available corresponded to the number of laptops available for that price.

A few hours before the store opens, employees come out to the line in front of the store, if a line has formed. They will start at the beginning of the line and hand out tickets for the products until all of the tickets are taken. Not every product will need a ticket, just the ones that are the most incredible deals.

Only customers that have the ticket for a particular item will be able to purchase that item.

So what do you need to know to shop stores with a ticket system, and how can you maximize your deals?

First make sure you know exactly which items you need at which store. This way you can snap up the tickets that you need.

Understand that the tickets are usually one to a customer per product. So if you need more than one of the same product, bring along a friend or family member to purchase the second item.

Once you have a ticket, you may be able to leave the line and come back later during the day when it is less crowded. Most tickets do have a time deadline on them. Make sure you know how long you have to purchase the item. Savvy shoppers might leave one store with a ticket in hand and then stand in line at another store that doesn’t offer tickets. *

*This might not always be a good strategy, since some stores have a policy that if you step out of line you lose your ticket. Make sure you know if you are able to leave before you do it.

If you are tag teaming the deals, you might have one person wait in the lines and the other person make the purchases with the tickets. The be best strategy though, is to probably have several of you fan out to the different lines at the same time to avoid missing out.

Often, there is a special place in the store to pick up your ticket item, usually the customer service area or a special cashier line. Pay attention to where you need to go, or ask the employees who are handing out the tickets.

Sometimes store will check IDs to make sure that you haven’t already purchased more than one of the same item. Make sure that you have your ID handy just in case.

Next time, I’ll share two Black Friday strategies from last year that probably won’t work this year.

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