How Not to Spend a Fortune on Wedding Gifts
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How Not to Spend a Fortune on Wedding Gifts

Posted on Wednesday, June 20th, 2012 at 9:31 am
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If you've been invited to a wedding, it means that you need to get the couple a wedding gift. This can be done without spending a fortune!There are plenty of weddings that happen in June, but, weddings can take place during any month of the year.  If you have been invited to a wedding, it means that the couple considers you to be a special person and wants you to share in their special day.  It also means that you need to get the couple a wedding gift.  This can be done without spending a fortune!

Everything I have read about the etiquette involved with weddings says that if you have been invited to a wedding it is proper to send a gift.  This is true even if you are unable to attend the wedding.  It remains true if the wedding is taking place on a beach in a foreign country and attending the wedding requires travel expenses.  A gift is expected, and it is a nice way to help the new couple begin their lives together.

Use Their Gift Registry

What if you don’t know what kind of gift to send?  A good place to start is by finding out where the couple registered.  A gift registry can be incredibly helpful!  It tells you exactly what the couple needs, and the style and color that they prefer.  Usually, you can go online to the store’s website and access the registry list.  The first thing you should do is print it out.

Next, select something from the list that you want to give as a gift.  You are not required to actually buy the item from the store that the registry came from!  Do some comparison shopping.  Somewhere else might have the exact same item for a lower price.  Buy it from the store that has the best deal.  Don’t forget to go online to the original gift registry and mark that item off.  This will prevent other guests from buying the happy couple the same item.

Not every couple will make a registry.  If you aren’t sure of their tastes or household needs it is a good idea to get them a gift card.  Buy a really fancy card from Hallmark for their wedding, and put the gift card inside it.

Buy Them a Gift Card

Did you know that there is a way to get a discount on a gift card?  There is a website called Plastic Jungle. People use it to exchange a gift card from a store they don’t shop at for one from a store that they love.  Plastic Jungle then sells those gift cards to other people, who do like that brand, for a discount.  This allows you to spend a little less, and give a little more.

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