Ways to Save Time on Cleaning
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Ways to Save Time on Cleaning

Posted on Wednesday, April 17th, 2013 at 7:00 am
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showerVery few people would say that cleaning is their favorite activity. Even so, we all have to take the time to clean our homes. If you would rather spend your time on something more fun, there are ways to do that. Use these tips and tricks to save time on cleaning. Some of these ideas will also help you cut down on the amount of cleaning products you need (which will save you money).

Reduce the Dirt
The less dirt that comes into your home, the less time you have to spend cleaning it up. Put a welcome mat outside your front door. It will catch some of the dirt before it walks in. Put a washable throw rug on the floor near the door. This is where your family should put their shoes right after they come inside. This prevents the dirt that is on shoes from being scattered through the house.

Recycle Junk Mail Immediately
It is easy to toss mail on the table, pull out the bills, and figure you will get to the junk mail “later”. In reality, the junk mail tends to pile up. Instead of having to spend time re-sorting it, just get rid of it right away. Open it, read it, recycle the junk immediately.

Prevent Mold Growth in Bathrooms
It is much nicer to take steps to prevent mold from growing than it is to have to spend time removing it. Run the exhaust fan, or open the bathroom window a little bit, while you shower. Keep it running (or open) for at least 10 minutes after you are done showering. This helps remove the moisture that mold likes to grow in.

Remove Hard Water Stains
Don’t spend time scrubbing away at the hard water stains in a toilet! Instead, use a cup of distilled white vinegar Pour it in, and let it sit overnight. Flush the vinegar, and the stains, away in the morning. Use this trick about once a month.

Use a Squeegee in the Shower
This sounds odd, but it works! Keep a small squeegee in the shower. When you are finished showering, use it to clear the water and soap off of the doors. You will be saving yourself the time it would take to work at removing soap scum.

Everything Needs a Home
Organization is the key to saving time on cleaning! Make good use of the storage space in your home. Use baskets to hold similar items (such as stuffed animals, or toy cars). Put media like DVDs, CDs, and books on a shelf. When it is time to clean, you won’t have to waste time trying to figure out where to put things. Everything goes right back into its “home”.

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