Ways to Save Time on Cleaning
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Ways to Save Time on Cleaning

Posted on Monday, February 23rd, 2015 at 7:00 am
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Everyone wants a clean home, but almost no one enjoys spending time on cleaning. Here are a few quick tips that can help you save time on cleaning.Everyone wants their home to be nice and clean. Very few people actually look forward to doing the cleaning. It’s a chore and it can be time consuming. That makes it difficult for people to get motivated to do it and hard to fit into a busy schedule. Here are some quick tips that will help you reduce the time you spend cleaning.

How to Reduce the Time You Spend Cleaning

Rinse the dishes immediately.
Don’t have a dishwasher? Take a minute to rinse off the dinner plates before you put them in the sink. After the pots and pans cool down, put cold water in them to help soak away the stuck on food. Doing this will save you the time it would take to scrape food off the dishes while you are washing them.

Sweep the floor every night.
Take a minute or two before you call it a night and sweep the floors. At minimum, sweep the room that people first walk into when they come inside your home. Dirt gets tracked into that room first and can then spread through the rest of the house.

You can prevent that from happening if you sweep the floor and get rid of the dirt before it spreads to other rooms. Less dirt in the house means less time spent sweeping shortly before you are ready to mop the floors.

Put it in the way.
Here’s a quick trick to help you to remember to put things back where they belong, to toss out trash, or to put things into the recycling bin. Put those items in your way. You can’t forget to take them with you when you leave the room if you are literally bumping into them on your way out!

Put that recyclable next to your feet so you can’t miss it when you get up from your chair. Take the fast food trash with you when you get up from the table. You end up doing small amounts of organizing and cleaning as you go through your day. These little bits add up to save you time when you are ready to do a serious cleaning.

Don’t “dry dust”.
Make sure to use something wet when you dust. It could be a window cleaner on a paper towel, a wet anti-bacterial wipe, or water on a dishcloth. The moisture helps catch the dust. The dust then gets thrown into the trash (or the washing machine if you used a cloth).

What happens if you “dry dust”? The majority of the dust goes into the air and then settles right back down on the things you just spent time dusting. You won’t have to dust as often if you use something wet to trap the dust before it can resettle.

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