Ways to Save on Thanksgiving Decor
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Ways to Save on Thanksgiving Decor

Posted on Monday, November 18th, 2013 at 7:00 am
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Ready to decorate for Thanksgiving? If not, use these simple tips to save money on Thanksgiving decorations.Do you have everything you need to decorate for Thanksgiving? If not, don’t panic. There is still time to get what you need without having to spend too much money. Use these tips to help you save money on Thanksgiving decorations.

How to Save on Thanksgiving Decorations

Hit the sales.
It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Everywhere you go, the stores are filled with brand new Christmas decorations. Somewhere nearby, off to the side, is where to find their remaining Thanksgiving decorations. Now is a good time to buy what you need because it will be on sale.

You can pick up serving trays that are decorated with turkeys or cornucopia for a fraction of what they cost a few weeks ago. Napkin holders should also be on sale. Don’t forget to check out your local Dollar store to see what cute decorations they still have in stock.

Use what you have.
Thanksgiving is the perfect time to use the “good dishes”. Get out the set of dishes that were handed down through your family and are currently sitting in a display cabinet. Rinse off the expensive wine glasses. Polish up the silverware. Not only will these nice touches make your Thanksgiving table look classy, it also creates a subtle connection to previous generations of your family. It also won’t cost you any money to use the dishes that you already have.

Stick with one color.
Your dishes don’t necessarily need matching patterns if they are all the same color. White works well for Thanksgiving decorations. This allows you to use a white ceramic serving tray that is shaped like a turkey with the “good china” (that doesn’t have a turkey on it). White cloth napkins, and white candles, add to the look.

White, unscented, candles are generally the least expensive to buy. Choose tall, thin, candles, or little votives. Go with whatever fits best into the candle holders that you already have. The candle holders can have a Fall theme or be one color (white or gold). The white color ties it all together, and you won’t have to purchase more decorations.

Let the kids help.
It is pretty hard to resist a Thanksgiving centerpiece that was created by your child at school. It won’t cost you any money to feature it on your Thanksgiving table. In general, these adorable and creative centerpieces are “conversation starters”.

Your kids can help make nameplates for each guest. There is something about the handwriting of young children that brings a smile to people’s faces. Buy a white poster board and cut it into rectangles – one for each guest. Kids tend to want to help with these types of projects. You won’t have to order fancy, pre-made, nameplates this year!

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