Ways to Save on Heating Your Home
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Ways to Save on Heating Your Home

Posted on Monday, December 21st, 2015 at 7:00 am
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Want to lower your heating bill this winter? Try some of these tips!Winter weather is cold and icy. The inside of your home should be warm and toasty. Heating your home can get expensive. Fortunately, there are ways to save on heating your home. Try some of these tips!

Tips to Save on Heating Your Home

Upgrade Your Thermostat
Popular Mechanics suggests that you upgrade your thermostat to a newer, smarter, model. A company called Nest makes a learning thermostat. (There are other companies that make similar products.)

A smart, or learning, thermostat learns your lifestyle. It will automatically turn down the heat when you are away from home or asleep. Popular Mechanics says that smart thermostats can cut your heating bill by 10% or more. It also clarifies that your furnace does not have to work harder to warm up your house after the temperature has been set low. That’s a myth!

Uncover the Heat Registers
You can heat your home more efficiently if you take the time to uncover the heat registers (or vents). Did you put a throw rug over one during the summer? Remove it! Now might be the perfect time to rearrange the furniture so that you can be sure that none of it is blocking a heat register.

The air that blows out of the heating registers needs to have a clear path in order to properly heat your home. Blocking those registers limits the flow of heat. When that happens, people get cold and turn the heat on again – or turn it up. You can save money on heating if you unblock the heat registers.

Replace the Filters
When was the last time you replaced the filters on your furnace? If you can’t remember, it probably means you need new ones. Take a minute to check what size filters your furnace requires before heading out to the store.

Filters trap dust. Leave the filter in the furnace for too long, and it will clog up. When that happens, it makes the furnace less efficient. Fresh, clean, filters can help the hot air circulate through your home.

Wear a Sweater
There are times when the old fashioned advice you got from your mother (or grandmother) turn out to be really good ideas. Before you turn up the heat, try putting on a sweater. You already own the sweater, so it won’t cost you anything to wear it. Turning the heat up, however, can make your heating bill more expensive.

Getting too cold at night? An electric blanket might be useful. It won’t significantly raise the cost of your electric bill and may provide enough warmth to make it unnecessary to turn on the furnace.

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