Ways to Save on Cyber Monday
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Ways to Save on Cyber Monday

Posted on Wednesday, November 14th, 2012 at 7:00 am
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Black Friday sales have been going on for many years. Cyber Monday started when retailers figured out that people were heading to the internet to do their shopping instead of going to the stores. Cyber Monday is the day to find the very best online deals. Each of these big sale days requires you to make a plan in order to save the most money.

Do Your Homework
Last year, stores were releasing a lot of good information about the deals that they were going to offer on Cyber Monday around the same time they announced their store hours for Black Friday. Take a few minutes this weekend and browse the websites of the stores you want to shop at on Cyber Monday. What are their “doorbuster” items? Which store has the biggest discount? A few minutes of “doing the math” can save you a lot of money. Shop the store that will save you the most.

Get Online Early
It is typical for shoppers to stand in long lines, out in the cold, as they wait for stores to open on Black Friday. Cyber Monday doesn’t require you to bundle up and face the freezing weather, but you will still need to get up early in order to get the good deals. Many stores will offer an awesome deal on a particular product on Cyber Monday. Wait too long to shop, and the thing you hoped to by at a nice discount will be sold out.

What Did You Already Buy?
Going shopping on Black Friday, and the weekend that follows, puts you in the middle of a frenzy of activity. This leaves many of us exhausted when we return home. Before you shop Cyber Monday, it is a good idea to take a look at what you have already purchased. Make a list if that helps you to remember. This will prevent you from accidentally buying the same gift twice. Use that money on a gift for someone you haven’t shopped for yet!

Hang On to the Email Receipts
After you make an online purchase, the store should send you an email about it. Don’t delete the email! It is your receipt. Many people use their receipts to keep track of how much they spent so they won’t go over budget. The email receipt is also proof that you really did buy a particular product. If something goes wrong, that receipt will help you to make it right.

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