Ways to Save on Back to School Clothing
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Ways to Save on Back to School Clothing

Posted on Friday, July 19th, 2013 at 7:00 am
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Your child may need more clothes for the upcoming school year. That doesn't mean they must be new and expensive!  Here are some money saving tips to try.A brand new school year brings a lot of expenses in a short period of time. Obviously, your child will need some new school supplies. You will also need to buy (at least some) new back to school clothing. Having trouble fitting all that into your budget? Here are some ideas to bring down the cost of clothing for the new school year.

How to Save on Back to School Clothing

Raid the Closets
The best way to start is to figure out what clothing your child already has that is suitable for the upcoming school year. Go through your child’s closet and dresser. Have him or her try on jeans, sweaters, long sleeve shirts, and/or dresses and skirts. What still fits? Are the items that fit in reasonable condition? Make a list of what your child lacks, and use that as a guide for back to school clothing shopping.

Hand Me Downs are Great!
Younger brothers and sisters can wear the clothing that their older siblings have grown out of. Older cousins can be another resource for “hand me down” clothing. A few reusable pairs of jeans and a couple of gently used sweaters can easily reduce the amount of money you need to spend on new clothes this school year.

Hit the Garage Sales
Summer is an excellent time to find a whole lot of garage sales. Check the newspapers (or the website for the local paper) to find out where the garage sales are at. Look for the ones that say they have children’s clothing. Bring your child with so you can easily figure out whether or not a shirt or pair of jeans will fit. Church rummage sales are another good place to shop for used clothing – especially if your child has outgrown his or her school uniform.

Repair What You Can
That pair of jeans that has a hole in the knee (but is otherwise just fine) can be easily repaired. Pick up some iron on patches that do not require you to do any sewing. One salvaged pair of jeans means one less new pair to buy! Need to repair a hole in a sweater? Crochet it closed with some matching (or intentionally mis-matching) yarn.

Look for the Sales
There will be plenty of Back to School clothing sales going on between now and when the new school year begins. Shop those sales and you should end up saving a few dollars. Use the store’s loyalty card for some extra savings.

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