Ways to Save Money While Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day
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Ways to Save Money While Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day

Posted on Tuesday, March 10th, 2020 at 12:19 am
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You can celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with friends without spending too much money. The easiest way to save money while celebrating St. Patrick’s Day is to plan ahead. You can have fun while being frugal!

Assign a Designated Driver

Will you and your friends be drinking alcohol? If so, then you need to assign a designated driver ahead of time. Ask a friend who enjoys being social but doesn’t drink alcohol. Another good option is public transportation. Some places will offer free bus or train rides the night of St. Patrick’s Day. You save money by not having to pay a rideshare service’s raised rates on St. Patrick’s night.

St. Patrick’s Day Discounts

Restaurants and fast food places often offer freebies, or discounts, on St. Patrick’s Day. Obtaining the freebie may require you to wear something green. Check the websites of your favorite places to eat and look for a St. Patrick’s Day deal. Bars are very likely to hold a Happy Hour in the afternoon or early evening. Some coffee shops have their own version of Happy Hour. Show up at the right time, and you can save money on both food and drinks.

Avoid Expensive Parking

St. Patrick’s Day parades are fun to watch. The cost of parking your vehicle, however, can be horribly high. Avoid parking in makeshift lots that are run by a random person. They might charge more than the parking garage! Public transportation will be inexpensive, but might be crowded. If you are lucky, you might be able to walk to the area where the parade will be taking place.

If none of that sounds appealing, you can always stay home and watch a livestream of the parade on your computer. Your local news channel might broadcast the parade on TV. This is a great option if the weather is cold and rainy.

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