Ways to Save Money on Your Water Bill
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Ways to Save Money on Your Water Bill

Posted on Friday, August 9th, 2013 at 7:00 am
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utility billsWas your last water bill higher than you expected it to be? There are some simple things you can do that will help lower the cost of your next water bill. Use less water and you will be able to cut back on your water bill. Little changes can often add up to a big savings.

Wash a Full Load
Make sure to fill the washing machine when you are doing laundry. This will help cut down on the number of loads of laundry that you need to do. Some machines presume that you will always be doing a full load of laundry and will use enough water to accomplish that task. If you only threw in enough clothing and bedding for a half load, you end up wasting water.

Use a Timer For the Shower
Set a timer that will go off three minutes after you step into the shower. Use those minutes to get your hair and body completely wet. When the timer goes off, turn off the water and quickly lather shampoo into your hair and soap over the rest of you. After you have an adequate amount of soap, turn the water back on. Rinse as quickly as you can. This will cut down on the amount of water you use while taking a shower.

Put the Little Kids in the Tub
Parents of very young children can put their toddler and preschooler into the bathtub at the same time. Add a couple of bath toys to keep the kids entertained. Quickly wash and rinse each child before the water gets too cold (or too dirty). Little kids sometimes find it amusing to share a bath with a sibling. Doing this saves the money you would have spent on filling up the bathtub for the second time that night.

Hand Wash the Dishes
Your dishwasher can go through a whole lot of water. One way to cut down, and control, the amount of water that is used to wash dishes is if you do it by hand. If you have a double sink you can fill one side with hot water and add dish soap. Let dishes soak as needed. Scrub them clean. Rinse each one over the other sink. Turn off the faucet until the next dish is ready to be rinsed off. Don’t let the water run down the drain the entire time!

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