Ways to Save Money on Frozen Foods in March
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Ways to Save Money on Frozen Foods in March

Posted on Wednesday, March 10th, 2021 at 7:00 am
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March is Frozen Food Month. It is a good time for families to stock up on their favorite frozen foods. Doing so could make dinner time quicker and less expensive than typical.

According to National Today, Frozen Food was first conceptualized in 1953 by C.A. Swanson & Sons. They made a frozen TV dinner that simplified dinner time. People started eating dinner on trays while watching television.

Grocery Dive reported that since the start of the pandemic, frozen foods are driving sales in grocery stores. “Compared to their pre-pandemic shopping habits, shoppers are citing a desire for experimentation, a need for greater variety and a focus on buying better value” according to a report conducted by 210 Analytics.

If you choose to do your grocery shopping in person, pay attention to the sales in the frozen food aisles this month. There is potential that you could find something new to you and your family. That frozen food could make dinner less boring for a family that has been cooped up indoors for a long time.

You should also check your store’s loyalty card to see if there are special deals for card holders. This can include BOGO sales (Buy One Get One Free) on frozen foods. Bring your loyalty card to the grocery store, or prepare to give the cashier some identifying information that connects the loyalty card to you.

What if you prefer to have your groceries delivered? Check the store’s website for special savings on frozen foods. The frozen foods your family loves the most might be on sale this month. If there is room in your freezer, you can save money by stocking up on frozen vegetables while the price is lower than typical.

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