Ways to Save Money at Whole Foods
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Ways to Save Money at Whole Foods

Posted on Monday, June 12th, 2017 at 7:00 am
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Whole FoodsThere was a time when Whole Foods was jokingly called “Whole Paycheck” because it was more expensive to shop there than at other grocery stores. Since then, Whole Foods has made some changes that might help lower their prices. In addition, there are some easy ways to save money at Whole Foods.

Get the Whole Foods App
The Whole Foods App is available for both iOS and Android. It gives you exclusive digital coupons, local store information, thousands of recipes, and local sales. You can even use the app to make a shopping list.

All users get the exact same coupons – but those coupons are not available to people who do not have the Whole Foods app. The digital coupons have expiration dates (just like paper coupons do). Make sure to scan the app at the register before you pay, so you can use the digital coupons.

Sign up for Whole Foods Rewards
Whole Foods Rewards has a pilot program that is currently available for Whole Foods Stores in the Dallas area and in the Philadelphia area. If you live in one of those areas, you can sign up for Whole Foods Rewards.

This rewards program lets shoppers earn rewards on select items that they buy. It offers instant sales that are recommended for individual users that are tailored to the user’s tastes. The rewards program also offers “more surprises.”

Get the Newsletter
You can sign up for the Whole Foods Newsletter for free. It comes to you in the form of email. The email you receive might contain recipes, coupons, and tips. The email is delivered to your inbox every week.

Buy in Bulk
You can buy beans, pasta, nuts, and other items in bulk quantities from Whole Foods. Use the store’s bulk containers to get exactly the amount you want. It’s nice to not have to pay for packaging or name-brand labels. Whole Foods gives shoppers a 10 percent discount when they buy wine (and other eligible items) by the case.

Bring Your Own Bags
If you live in an area that has a plastic bag ban, then you are already used to bringing your own bags when you go grocery shopping. Some Whole Foods locations offer a 5-cent or 10-cent discount for each bag you bring. It doesn’t sound like much, but can add up over time.

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