Ways to Save During the Holiday Season on Gift Wrap
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Ways to Save During the Holiday Season on Gift Wrap

Posted on Wednesday, December 4th, 2013 at 8:00 am
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Instead of running out to Target for your wrapping needs, check out our tips on how to save and spend nothing on gift wrapWe all know the holiday season is one of the most expensive times of year, so every penny matters! For the rest of the month we’ll be giving you easy to use tips that are seriously going to save you some dough! First up for the month is how to save on gift wrap.

How to Save on Gift Wrap

Finally! You’ve balanced your holiday budget to include all those whom you plan on giving gifts. But wait, what about the gift wrap? Not only can gift wrap and bags get pricey, but it turns out you actually don’t have to spend a penny! Instead of running out to Target for your wrapping needs, check out our tips on how to save and spend nothing on gift wrap.

1. Newspaper, Magazines, Comics, Sheet Music, Calendars, and Maps

Old print items you no longer use make a great alternative to gift wrap. Not only is it unique, but it can add a colorful accent that’ll make your gifts even more unique. If you have old newspaper, comics, sheet music no one uses, or outdated maps they’ll make great alternatives to expensive gift wrap. Also, if you have trouble keeping track of which gift goes to whom, the type of print you use could provide an easy way to remember! For example, all gifts wrapped in old comics go to your son, or all gifts wrapped in sheet music go to your daughter. If you don’t happen to have any spare print to use as wrapping paper try asking your family, neighbors, or even doctor’s offices (they’re great for magazines and newspapers)! Someone is bound to have spare printed items.

2. Reuse, reuse, reuse!

Guess what?!  Paper doesn’t go bad! That’s right, we want you to reuse your wrapping paper, tissue paper, and gift bags. This tip is one of the easiest to implement and will save you loads in the future. Once you receive a gift all you have to do is be careful when unwrapping it! Carefully fold up your tissue paper and old gift wrap when you’ve opened your present and store it in a dry place you’ll remember.

3. Brown Bags

From all the grocery shopping you do all year there should be a surplus of brown bags somewhere in your home. Surprisingly enough brown bags make incredibly chic and simple wrapping paper. If you’re not into the less is more philosophy you can personalize your  brown bags too. Give your kiddos some crayons or markers and they can personalize your brown paper gift wrap which should keep them busy too!

4. Use Yarn and Nature as Unique Bows

We all know bows make a great accent for every gift, but buying them can get pricey! Instead of going the traditional route with bows, try some more affordable alternatives like yarn or string! Another great way to spruce up your gifts is by adding elements of nature to them. Try decorating your gifts with sprigs of fragrant evergreen branches or holiday plants like a poinsettia. Bottom line: get creative!

If you do want to purchase gift wrap, bows, and bags for the holidays we recommend going to dollar stores. The quality is great for the price  you’ll be paying. Check out our favorite stores Dollar Tree  and Dollar General.


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