Ways to Repurpose Valentines
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Ways to Repurpose Valentines

Posted on Wednesday, February 13th, 2013 at 7:00 am
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It can be very heartwarming to receive Valentine’s Day cards, boxes of candy, and flowers. What do you do with it all after that? Here are some clever, and frugal, ways to repurpose Valentines. Make them into something that can be enjoyed the whole year round!

Make New Valentines
Tomorrow, your child will need to bring a bunch of Valentines to school for his or her classmates. You forgot to buy a box of them. How can you solve this problem?

Take the valentines cards that your child was given last year, and turn them into new Valentines. Cut some construction paper into heart shapes (any color will do). Glue one old Valentine onto each heart. No one will be able to tell who originally sent that Valentine to your child. Problem solved!

Valentine Garland
This idea came from Savvy Sugar. It is a good way to repurpose Valentine cards that loved ones have sent you in the past. Cut the lovely cover into a nice sized heart. String all those hearts onto a sturdy piece of yarn or string. You can use the heart garland to decorate your home in February. Or, hang it in your bedroom as a constant reminder that you are loved.

Valentine Collage
This one is great for tweens and teens! Get a large piece of cardboard. Draw a huge heart onto it. Let your kid cut up the old Valentines and glue them inside the heart shape any way that he or she likes. When it is all finished, you can have it framed. It can decorate your tween’s or teen’s bedroom.

Heart Shaped Keepsake Box
Here’s a cute way to repurpose an empty box of Valentine’s Day chocolates. Clean out the inside of the box to remove chocolate residue and scent. Use the box to hold the Valentine’s Day cards that come from your significant other. Add movie ticket stubs from films you viewed together, photos of the two of you, and other little mementos of your relationship.

Jar of Petals
Flowers, especially roses, are a popular Valentine’s Day gift. Unfortunately, they don’t last long. There is a way to make them last longer. Wait until the flowers are drying out, but not completely dried. Carefully remove each rose petal from the stem, and place it gently into a glass jar (that has had the label removed). Close the lid tightly. The petals will keep their color and shape for a long time!

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