Ways to Repurpose Plastic Grocery Bags
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Ways to Repurpose Plastic Grocery Bags

Posted on Monday, November 5th, 2012 at 7:00 am
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What can you do with a bunch of plastic grocery bags?  There are plenty of ways to re-purpose them.  There is a growing trend for cities and towns to issue a plastic bag ban. From that point on, everyone needs to bring reusable totes with them to the grocery store. Those of you who live in places where plastic bags are still being handed out in stores may quickly find yourself with more bags than you know what to do with. Try one of these ideas for repurposing a plastic grocery bag.

How to Re-purpose a Plastic Grocery Bag

Turn it into a Trash Bag
Plastic grocery bags are small. They are too small to use as a kitchen trash bag. However, they are the perfect size to reuse as a trash bag in a small garbage can, like the ones in your bathroom. The little trash can by your desk could use a repurposed plastic bag, too.

Use as Packing Material
Will you be shipping presents to loved ones that live far away this holiday season? Instead of buying a bag of styrofoam peanuts, or a roll of bubble wrap, use up some of your plastic grocery bags. Crunch them up and stuff them into the box in a way that protects the gifts that you are sending. Loved ones who live where a plastic bag ban has been issued will reuse the “packing material” you sent.

Make it into Plastic Yarn
Can you crochet or knit? There is an easy to follow tutorial on the GooseFlesh Blog that shows you how to turn plastic bags into plastic yarn. It involves folding the bags, cutting them a certain way, and winding the resulting plastic yarn into balls. Knit or crochet the plastic yarn into anything you want!

Turn it into a Protective Tarp
Cut a plastic grocery bag open so that it becomes one, long, form. Spread this over your kitchen table, and use masking tape to hold it in place. You may want to repeat this procedure with more than one plastic bag. Now, your little one can have fun with a messy art project. When he finishes his masterpiece, pull the repurposed plastic bags off the table. This makes clean up easy!

Protect Your Floors From Wet Shoes
What happens when your kids come in the house with shoes that got rained on or that were walked through snow? A dirty puddle of water forms on the floor around the shoe. Grab those shoes as soon as your child takes them off. Place each shoe into its own plastic grocery bag. Let the grocery bag collect the puddle, (instead of your floor).

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