Ways to Repurpose Pizza Boxes
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Ways to Repurpose Pizza Boxes

Posted on Monday, August 19th, 2013 at 7:00 am
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Don't throw that pizza box into the trash!  You can repurpose it into so many useful things!  Start with these ideas.Pizza night is something that many families look forward to. Almost everyone loves pizza! What can you do with the pizza box after dinner is over? Instead of throwing it in the trash, or recycling it, you can turn a pizza box into something new and useful. Try these ideas to repurpose a pizza box.

How to Repurpose a Pizza Box

For best results, remove the pizza from the box it was delivered in right away. Doing so will help prevent the cardboard box from becoming saturated with grease from the pizza. You may also want to let the box “air out” for a day or two before repurposing it.

Pizza Box Easels
Do your kids love to spend time drawing pictures? They could use a pizza box easel. Basically, you open the pizza box, flip it over, and fold it “the wrong way”. Having trouble visualizing how that works? The Open Ended Art For Children blog has a great photo that shows what it will look like. Use painter’s tape to stick the easel to the table while it is in use.

Pizza Box Drying Rack
This is super easy to make! Save up a bunch of pizza boxes that are all the same size. Close each one. Remove the small, thin, front portion of each closed box. Stack them up. Use packing tape to hold them all in place. The Teach Preschool has a photo that shows you the finished product. Your little artist’s wet, sticky, or glittery art project can dry out in one of the “shelves” in the pizza box drying rack.

Storage for Art Work
Preschoolers and kindergarteners tend to come home from school with plenty of completed art projects. There is no way you will be able to display all of them on your refrigerator! Instead, use a large pizza box to store them in. Give your child a sturdy “portfolio” that will hold all their masterpieces!

Pizza Box Notebooks
Domino’s Pizza did something really interesting when it decided to update its logo. It had crafters and artists create something new with the pizza boxes that had the old logo printed on them. What an interesting way to “upcycle”!

Artist Liz Ohsiek figured out a way to make brand new notebooks from old pizza boxes. It appears that her notebooks are sold out. However, crafty people might be able to take a look at the photo and “get” how to make their own!

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