Ways to Repurpose Old Towels
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5 Ways to Repurpose Old Towels

Posted on Monday, April 22nd, 2013 at 7:00 am
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5 Ways to Repurpose Old Towels | FreeCoupons.comThose new towels you bought on sale in January probably are still holding up. What about the old ones, from last year? Before you decide to toss the old towels into the trash, try some of these ideas! There are so many ways to repurpose an old, worn, towel into something more useful.

Knotted Bathmats
There is a great tutorial on the Fine Craft Guild blog that shows you how to repurpose old towels into a bathmat. You will need gridded matting (otherwise known as a latch rug canvas). Cut the old towels into strips, and knot the strips into the matting. Add a decorative, and functional, touch to your bathroom.

Braided Rugs
This idea is perfect for the kitchen. Instead of buying a throw rug to put on the floor in front of the sink, why not make one from repurposed towels? This idea came from the Sisters of the Wild West blog. It is another craft that starts by cutting the old towels into strips. Get ready to do a lot of braiding! The project also requires some sewing. Follow the directions on their blog. When you are done, you have a cute braided rug that can be tossed into the wash as needed.

Swiffer Covers
In order to do this idea, you need to know how to do some basic sewing and fabric cutting. Berlin’s Whimsy shows you step-by-step photos that will walk you through how to do this. When you are finished, your old towels will have turned into a reusable cover for your Swiffer mop. Use them, wash them, use them again (instead of buying more Swiffer refills).

Donate to an Animal Shelter
Not feeling very crafty? Gather up your old towels and donate them to a local animal shelter. They can use them to make bedding, to dry animals that have had a bath, to clean the animal shelter, and even to make into toys for the animals to play with. Your donation of old towels will be appreciated!

Want a simple way to repurpose old bath towels and beach towels? Cut them into smaller squares and turn them into dish towels. They may not be the most fashionable dish towels in the world, but they will work just fine. You can put off spending money on new dish towels for a while.

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