Ways to Repurpose Old T-Shirts
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Ways to Repurpose Old T-Shirts

Posted on Wednesday, March 20th, 2013 at 7:00 am
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Take your old t-shirts and repurpose them into rugs, dresses, cleaning cloths, art, and much more.  Repurposing is "green" and can save you money.Recycling, and re-purposing, items that have lost the ability to serve their original function is an eco-friendly way to turn something old into something that can be used in a new way. T-Shirts can be turned into so many other things! A great way to save money is to repurpose what you already have. Here are a few ideas to get started with.

What to do with Old T-Shirts

Make Art
The artwork on some t-shirts today is absolutely beautiful. Whether it is done in simplistic line work or done with vibrant colors, it makes a typical t-shirt into a work of art. When you are done wearing these lovely shirts, why not make them into a work of art? Pick up some square frames from Target and hang the t-shirt art on your wall.

Make Cloth Towels
Those old t-shirts can be turned into soft, cloth, towels. Decorative t-shirts can be repurposed as fancy napkins. Plainer t-shirts can be turned into a “green” version of a paper towel. Use them for dusting, cleaning windows, or wiping off counters. Throw them into the wash when you are done, and use them again!

Make Placemats
This is such a fun idea! I can see this working well in families with small children. The Creative Jewish Mom blog has a step by step guide on how to turn old t-shirts into colorful placemats. You will need to cut the shirts into strips and weave them through an easy to make cardboard loom.

Make a Laptop Pouch
Want to protect your laptop with a soft, machine washable, cover? Make has instructions on how to do it. It will require the use of a sewing machine or the ability to sew by hand. They also have some useful suggestions on how to re-use the leftover sleeves.

Make a Latch Hook Rug
The Xoelle blog has step by step instructions on how to repurpose old t-shirts into a soft and washable rug. It would be great to use for a baby who needs “tummy time”, or to put under your feet as you do the dishes. Visit the craft store for a latch-hook canvas, and cut the t-shirts into long strips.

Make a Dress
Got some leftover maternity t-shirts? The Pretty Bobbins blog has instructions on exactly how to turn them into a Summer dress. You will need an old t-shirt, some fabric, and the use of a sewing machine. What an awesome way to repurpose maternity clothing!

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