Ways to Repurpose Household Items
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Ways to Repurpose Household Items

Posted on Monday, July 21st, 2014 at 7:00 am
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Don't toss that empty tissue box or egg carton into the recycling!  You can repurpose it and reuse it in so many ways.Need a frugal way to organize things? Look no further than your recycling bin! There are certain household items that get tossed in the recycling because people don’t realize how useful they are. You can repurpose so many of the items you currently consider to be useless. Repurposing helps you to save money, too.

Empty Tissue Boxes
What can you do with an empty tissue box? Plenty! Store your child’s small toys inside one. It can also become storage for crayons and colored pencils that no longer have a box to return to.

Put an empty tissue box under the sink and use it to store the plastic bags you get when you buy something at a store. An empty tissue box can become a holder for the extra napkins that you end up taking home with you after dining at a fast food restaurant. Your kitten can spend some happy moments playing with an empty tissue box.

Egg Cartons
Paper (or cardboard) egg cartons make excellent seed starters for your garden. Separate the compartments from each other. Put some dirt and a seed inside each one. Nurture the little plant with sunlight and water until it has a good amount of growth.

Move the entire seed starter to your garden when the weather is right. You won’t need to remove the little plant from the egg carton it started growing in before you plant it. The cardboard will biodegrade on its own.

Egg cartons that are made of plastic or styrofoam can be used to store golf balls. Some people clean the egg carton and then use it to store individual portions of food in their freezer.

Ice Cube Trays
Got an old ice cube tray that you are no longer using? Repurpose it to hold small items. Put it on your desk (or in a desk drawer). Store paper clips in one “cube”, thumb tacks in another, and tiny USB sticks in a third. An ice cube tray can easily hold and organize stamps, rubber bands, and other small office supplies.

Or, you could repurpose an ice cube tray as sleek and simple jewelry box. Rings go in one “cube”, earrings in another, pins in a third. Put one necklace into each “cube”, and you will never have to untangle them from each other ever again!

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