Ways to Repurpose Flower Petals
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Ways to Repurpose Flower Petals

Posted on Monday, May 13th, 2013 at 7:00 am
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Flower BouquetOne of the most popular Mother’s Day gifts is a bouquet of flowers. They are lovely to look at, smell very nice, and brighten the day of many mothers. Unfortunately, real flowers are just not going to last forever. What if you wanted to preserve that memory? There are several things you can do to repurpose flowers and to keep them. Try some of these when your Mother’s Day bouquet fades.

Dry the Petals
TipNut has a collection of tips on how to dry flowers. You can air dry them, hang them up to dry, or use a dehydrator. It is also possible to dry the petals in your oven or microwave. Follow the step-by-step directions that TipNut has for whichever method of drying flowers you like best. There is even a method that involves water (which sounds counterintuitive but seems to work just fine).

Jar of Petals
After the flower petals are dried out, it is time to use them. Momtastic has a blog that includes excellent pictures of the entire process involved from fresh flower to jar of dried petals. You can use the jar of petals as a decoration, or, a means of storing the dried flower petals until you are ready to use them to decorate something else.

Decorated Photos
The NH.com Blog has an interesting suggestion about what to do with dried flower petals. Use them to decorate photos! You can hot glue the petals onto a frame. Or, you can tuck some flat, colorful, flower petals in between the photo and the glass that holds it in place. They suggest you try that with black and white photographs, for an especially dramatic effect.

Christmas Ornament
It is amazing what you can find on Pinterest! Someone has come up with an excellent idea to preserve not only the bouquet, but the memory of when you got it. This can be used for Mother’s Day bouquets, wedding bouquets, and more.

You will need a clear plastic ornament “bulb”. Put the dried flower petals inside it. Add an ornament hook and a decorative ribbon. Every Christmas, you can hang this ornament on the tree and remember the day that those petals came from.

Rose Petal Soap
Want to repurpose your flower petals into something practical as well as beautiful? The Heart Hands Home Blog has a step-by-step guide (with photos) that will teach you how to take flower petals and coat them with soap. The result is beautiful as well as functional. Who wouldn’t love the look of little flower petals of soap?

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