Ways to Repurpose Empty Toilet Paper Rolls
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Ways to Repurpose Empty Toilet Paper Rolls

Posted on Wednesday, January 16th, 2013 at 7:00 am
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Repurpose those empty toilet paper rolls into something useful.  They also can be used in frugal kid crafts.  You won't run out of this craft supply!There is one thing that every family has in common. All of them pick up some toilet paper when they are grocery shopping. After a toilet paper roll is empty, you are left with a cardboard tube. Many people toss that into their recycling bin. Or, you could repurpose that empty toilet paper roll into something else!

Ways to Reuse Toilet Paper Rolls

Toilet Paper Roll Owls
Your kids are complaining that they are bored, and the weather is to awful to go outside and play in. What are you going to do to entertain them? The Creative Jewish Mom blog has a fun and frugal kids craft.

All you need are some empty toilet paper rolls and some markers. You can also add craft feathers or sequence if you happen to have some at home. Kids of all ages can make cute little toilet paper owls. Push in the ends of the roll to make the top of the owl’s head.

Wrapping Paper Holder
A brand new roll of wrapping paper stays closed very well while it is still shrink wrapped. After you open it, the whole thing just wants to roll over and spread out. This could lead to wrinkled, damaged, wrapping paper that you can’t use on a gift.

To prevent this problem, take an empty roll of toilet paper and cut it from top to bottom in a straight line. Slide it over a roll of wrapping paper. Now, it will stay put!

Seed Starters
It might be too early to start planting your outdoor garden. Use this time to get some seeds started growing. SimplyForties has a step by step guide, complete with photos, to show you how to turn empty toilet paper rolls into little seed starters.

Add some planting soil, and your seeds. Tend this indoor garden, and the seeds should grow into little plants. Its a nice way to start off your outdoor garden when the weather gets warmer. You don’t have to remove the plants from the cardboard planter – it will biodegrade on its own!

Printmaking With Toilet Paper Rolls
Here’s another frugal art activity that kids of all ages can enjoy. I found this one on the Getting Messy With Ms. Jessi blog. You will need some empty toilet paper rolls, some washable paint, and paper to print onto.

Cut the ends of the toilet paper roll into different shapes to make sun and flower prints. Leave a roll “as is” to make circular prints. This should entertain the kids for a while! Check out the blog for photos of what the finished artwork can look like.

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