Ways to Organize Jewelry
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Ways to Organize Jewelry

Posted on Tuesday, February 11th, 2014 at 7:00 am
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Keeping your jewelry nice and organized will make it much easier for you to find it when you want to wear it.  Here are some ideas on ways to organize jewelry.You’ve got the perfect jewelry to go with your outfit. Where did you put it? The answer to that question is a lot easier to discover if you have found a way to organize your jewelry. It isn’t as difficult to do as you may think. Here are some simple ways to organize your rings, necklaces, earrings, and other types of jewelry.

Easy Ways to Organize Your Jewelry

Jewelry Box
The traditional way to organize jewelry is to put it inside a jewelry box. The larger compartments hold necklaces. The smaller ones hold earrings and rings. There are jewelry boxes designed for children, but many are intended for teens and adults. Get in the habit of putting your jewelry back in its place after you are done wearing it for the night. It will remain easy to find.

Shadow Box
You can get a shadow box from a craft store. They are not very expensive. Use it to display jewelry that you adore, but do not wear very often. A Shadow Box is a good place for jewelry that is a family heirloom, that is particularly expensive, or that has sentimental meaning. It is possible to open the shadow box and remove the jewelry for special occasions.

Hanging Organizers
You know those plastic shoe organizers, that hang over the back of doors, and that have many pockets? They make something similar for jewelry! A hanging organizer has dozens of small, see-through, pockets in it. At a glance, you can see every piece of your jewelry. These types of jewelry organizers are sometimes styled to look like a dress. They can be hung in your closet next to your clothing.

Painter’s Palette
Martha Stewart has a great idea for organizing small jewelry. Get a ceramic palette that artists use to hold paint. Each of those little compartments will hold one pair of earrings or a couple of rings. It will look very classy on your night stand!

Jewelry Cork Board
Repurpose an unused cork memo board and turn it into a beautiful way to organize jewelry. First, choose a pretty fabric to cover the entire board with. Use thumb tacks and pins to hang each piece of jewelry on the board. This makes it easy to store, easy to find, and easy on the eyes. It will look like a work of art!

Cutlery Tray
Turn a “junk drawer” in your bedroom into a well organized jewelry box. Repurpose a old cutlery tray. Instead of holding knives and forks, it will hold necklaces, rings, bracelets, and other types of jewelry. This is a good organizational option for people who prefer to keep their jewelry out of sight or who want to reduce clutter.

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