Ways to Lower Your Air Conditioning Bill
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Ways to Lower Your Air Conditioning Bill

Posted on Friday, May 16th, 2014 at 7:00 am
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You can get relief from hot summer days without breaking your budget.  Try these ways to help lower your air conditioning bill.Summer can bring some extremely hot days. In the midst of a heat wave, what most people want to do is turn on their air conditioning and keep it running. Unfortunately, doing so can burn through your budget. Here are some ways you can lower your air conditioning bill (without having to deal with dangerous heat).

How to Save on Air Conditioning

Shut the Doors and Windows
Close the doors on rooms that you and your family are not currently using. That includes closets! This simple technique can help prevent you from wasting energy by cooling the rooms that are not in use.

Before you turn on your air conditioning, take the time to check your doors and windows. Being outside in the heat can make people forget to find out if all the doors and windows are shut before they turn on their air conditioning. Shut all windows and doors first, and then turn on the AC. As your mother or grandmother may have said: “We can’t afford to air condition the entire neighborhood!”

Cleaning is Important
How long has it been since you cleaned the filter on your air conditioner? The filter is designed to catch and collect the pollen, dirt, and dust that is in the air. Air conditioners that have dirty filters end up using more energy than air conditioners with nice, clean, filters.

You should expect to change the filter on your air conditioner at least every three months. Check to see how dirty it is monthly. There is a chance that it could get too dirty to be of use before three months have passed. Replace the dirty filters with ones that are new and clean. This will make your air conditioner more efficient.

Air conditioners need annual checkups. The best time to have that done is during the fall (after the weather has cooled off). Hire a professional to check your air conditioner for you.

Close the Curtains
Which side of your house gets the most sun? That side is going to collect the most heat. One way to deflect some of that heat is to make sure all the curtains and blinds are closed before you go to bed for the night. The idea is to use the curtains and blinds to obstruct the sun’s rays. The last thing you want is for the sun to stream directly into your windows for several hours on a hot summer day!

The parts of your home that get the hottest cause your air conditioner to work harder to cool them down. A simple task, like closing the curtains and blinds, can help lower the temperature in a room (at least a little bit). Every bit helps, because it costs money to keep the air conditioner running!

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