Use the Buddy System on Black Friday
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Use the Buddy System on Black Friday

Posted on Friday, November 15th, 2013 at 7:00 am
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Your buddies can help you grab the products you want and save money at the Black Friday sales.You cannot possibly be everywhere at once on Black Friday. Instead, it is helpful to use what has been referred to as “the Buddy System”. This technique allows you to send out a team of people that will help you to get the best savings on the items you are hoping to buy.

How to Use the Buddy System on Black Friday

Choose Your Buddies
Ideally, you will want to select buddies who are not incredibly interested in shopping the Black Friday sales. Select people who are willing to help you in your quest to buy specific items, and who aren’t going to be doing their own shopping. This prevents a conflict of interests from occurring.

Use strategy.
You can think of it like a football game, or like a game of chess. You will be more successful if you plan out your strategy ahead of time than if you randomly decide to do things “on the fly”. First, figure out what products you are most interested in purchasing. Next, take the time to find out what stores will sell it and when they will be open.

Can you get everything in one store? Send your buddy to go grab one, specific, item from your list. At the same time, you will go grab another important item. If you have more than one buddy, you can send the additional people after other things you want. Assign one person to stay with the shopping cart at all times (to watch over the items you collected).

Can’t get it all at one store? Split up your buddies. Send one to stand in line at one store, and to grab a particular product. Send another buddy to a different store, with the goal of picking up another item. Will the thing you want only be sold to the first few people in line? Do you need two of them? Get there early, and bring a buddy who will be able to obtain a second item for you.

Use your smartphone.
Communication is key! It helps to keep up with how each of your buddies are doing. It also makes it easier to quickly change plans if something unexpected happens. Twitter is a good tool to use. You could try texting each other. Or, it is possible to find an app that functions like a private chat room.

Black Friday sales can get extremely loud and noisy. It is to your advantage to find a way to communicate with your buddies that does not rely on your ability to hear them talk to you. Use your smartphone to talk to each other through text instead of verbally. This prevents other shoppers from overhearing your strategy.

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