Understanding BOGO
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Understanding BOGO

Posted on Friday, August 12th, 2011 at 8:12 am
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Understanding and knowing how to find BOGO (Buy One, Get One) sales is a great way to save money and stockpile on items you use often. BOGO sales give you the opportunity to buy two of an item for the price of one, essentially making each item half price – count me in!

How to Find BOGO

BOGO comes in two forms: sales and coupons. Stores will have BOGO sales, often to promote a certain product or the clear out overstock. Stores, restaurants, and brands will also put out BOGO coupons. BOGO coupons can be used like any other coupon.

Finding BOGO sales is easy with our weekly matchups, which you can find in the blog section of the website. The matchups will alert you to which stores are having BOGO sales and on what items.  For example, you can see that last week Albertsons had a BOGO sale on meat. An easy way to scan the matchups for BOGO sales is to use the “ctrl + f” function on your keyboard and then search “BOGO.” This will highlight everywhere that BOGO appears on the page.

You can also find BOGO coupons on the site by searching the “hot coupons” section. For example, right now we have a Noah’s Bagels BOGO coupon and Alpo Dog Food BOGO. We are always adding new coupons, so check often for the latest BOGO coupons.

Combining BOGO Coupons and Sales

Couponing can get a little confusing at times, as there are so many different coupons and coupon policies. So, what can you and can you not combine with BOGO coupons? Well, in most cases you can not combine a manufacturer coupon with a BOGO coupon because you are already purchasing one item in order to get the free one. Therefore, the BOGO coupon is applied to the first item and you can not apply another coupon to the free item. However, you can sometimes get away with combining a store discount coupon with a BOGO coupon (dependent on the store’s coupon policy).

Can you use coupons on BOGO sale items? It really depends on the store. Combining BOGO sales with coupons is usually accepted more often than combining BOGO coupons with other coupons. Some stores will ring up a BOGO sale as two half-off items, while other stores will ring up one full-price and one free item. Depending on how your store rings up the sale can depend on how your coupons will apply. The best way to find out how your store combines BOGO sales and coupons is to either ask or check their coupon policy. I will admit it can be confusing figuring out coupon policies, but once you understand them your couponing experience will be a breeze. Happy BOGO-ing!

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