Tips to Help With Returns
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Tips to Help With Returns

Posted on Wednesday, December 25th, 2013 at 7:00 am
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gift boxesWhen it comes to giving gifts, it truly is the thought that counts. Keep that in mind if you receive a gift that doesn’t quite fit. The day after Christmas is the biggest day for returns. Here are some tips that will help you to cope with the process of returning a gift to the store.

Tips for Returning Gifts

Don’t Expect Cash Back
You are going to be in for some disappointment if you expect the cashier to hand over some cash for your return. Stores have stopped doing that quite some time ago! Somehow, there always seems to be a few people who haven’t figured that out. Don’t be the person who yells at the cashier, demands cash, and brings the returns line to a grinding halt.

Gift Receipts are Helpful
It has become common for thoughtful relatives to give a gift and include the gift receipt. Usually, this is done with clothing items. If your aunt picked the wrong size, she knows that you can exchange that sweater for one that fits better (or for one that is a different color). Bring the gift receipt with you to the returns line. Things will go a whole lot smoother that way!

Gift Cards are Useful
As I mentioned, stores are probably not going to accept your return in exchange for cash. Instead, they may give you the value of the item you are returning on a gift card. That gift card, of course, will be one that can only be used in their store (or perhaps on their store’s website).

Don’t be disappointed if the gift card is for a lower amount than you expected. Your relative more than likely bought your gift while it was on sale. The store is going to give you that sales price (and not the higher “regular” price). Look around for something that you like better. Don’t see anything that catches your eye? Try the store’s website. It may offer a wider selection.

Check the Returns Policy
Not all stores are going to be willing to accept returns. Some will refuse to do it unless you have a gift receipt. Others are going to be very choosy about exactly what items they will accept. Before you head to the store, take the time to visit the store’s website and find out what their returns policy is. If you aren’t sure, try calling the store and asking for more specific details about it.

Was the gift purchased online?
This could make things more difficult. Some companies will not accept returns unless you send it back in the original packaging it was shipped in. You may face difficulty if your gift was purchased online and you try to take it back to a physical store. If this happens, ask the cashier to teach you how to return the item to the website it came from.

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