Tips for Shopping Tax Free Weekends
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Tips for Shopping Tax Free Weekends

Posted on Monday, August 3rd, 2015 at 7:00 am
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School SupplySummer isn’t over, but the back to school sales are already starting. One way to save money on school supplies is to shop during a tax free weekend. There are things that parents should know about the tax free weekends in order to get the most savings from them.

Not All States Have Tax Free Weekends
A total of 18 states have tax free weekends. The rest do not. If you don’t live in a state that participates, you may be out of luck. For example, North Carolina eliminated its tax free days and replaced it with a tax cut.

Not all of the states that offer tax free weekends have it take place in August. Some will happen in June or July instead. Here’s a list of the upcoming tax free weekends that can help parents save money on school related items:

* Alabama – August 7-9
* Connecticut – August 16-22
* Florida – August 7-16
* Iowa August 7-8
* Missouri – August 7-9
* New Mexico – August 7-9
* Ohio – August 7-9
* Oklahoma – August 7-9
* South Carolina – August 7-9
* Tennessee – August 7-9
* Texas – August 7-9
* Virginia – August 7-9

Read the Details
Before you start shopping, make sure to take the time to find out what, exactly, your state will include as eligible tax free items. Do backpacks count as school supplies? How about computers? Many states do include clothing and shoes as an eligible tax free item.

Most states have limitations in place on how much a particular items costs, or a group of items cost. Go over that maximum limit, and your purchase will not be tax free.

Check Out the Back To School Sales Ads
It’s time to do a little math. What will save you the most money on back to school supplies – the tax free weekend, or a sale that happens during the week? Sometimes, shopping at the local dollar store can give you the best deals.

Set a Budget
Resist the urge to splurge during a tax free weekend. Doing so can make your shopping more expensive than you can afford. Create a budget before you shop. Keep track of the prices of the items you select. Stop before you go over the budget that you set aside for back to school shopping.

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